Sony expects to sell a whole lot of PS5s by the end of next year


18 million by some recent estimates

Make sure you’re sitting down for this news: The PlayStation 5 is off to a tremendous start. This probably won’t take you by surprise; it was nearly impossible to find a PS5 (or Xbox Series X for that matter) anytime around launch. Demand was definitely greater than supply.

According to a Digitimes report (which is behind a paywall but was reported on by Gematsu), Sony will be able to significantly up its manufacturing to meet the PS5’s considerable demand. It expects to reach upwards of 18 million sales by the end of 2021. A big lift in the manufacturing numbers comes from AMD who will be able to nab additional resources for producing the custom CPU.

Thus far, Sony has managed 3.4 million sales in the first four weeks that the PS5 was on the market. That is certainly the entirety of the available stock, with the lion’s share of the sales going to North America and Europe. That’s already enough to be deemed “the highest [launch window sales] ever for a PlayStation console,” but it would’ve been a whole lot more without supply chain logistics bottlenecking everything.

PS5 shipments to reach 16.8-18 million units in 2021 [Digitimes via Gematsu]