Sony isn't afraid of the Switch overtaking the PS4 because it says you'll buy both


Will you?

Sony might be laughing at the idea of you playing old video games, but they’re already addressing their new competition. I’m talking about the Switch of course, which Nintendo wants to push 18 million of by the end of next year. The thing is, Sony isn’t too worried, because they assume you’re going to buy both a PS4 and a Switch.

Speaking to Time, Sony global game development head Shawn Layden calls the demise of consoles “premature,” and that there’s room for growth. Specifically regarding the Switch, he claims, “When you look at our numbers, I think it shows that a lot of gamers are a two-console family. And quite often those two consoles are PlayStation and Nintendo sitting side-by-side.”

It’s smart of Sony to at least acknowledge Nintendo’s rapid growth at this point. While it’s still a long way away from Sony’s 60 million PS4s, Nintendo is a force to be reckoned with when it’s motivated.

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