Sony isn't sure anyone will beat Bloodborne's TGS demo


Arranging a special prize for anyone that does

BloodborneproducerMasaaki Yamagiwa tweeted, translation via Dual Shockers, “Let’s prepare a prize for those that beat the boss in the demo of Bloodborne at Tokyo Game Show! Now that I selfishly said this, Kitaon will be willing to provide something for sure.”

Sony’sYasuhiro Kitao — “Kitaon” — responded, “Roger! let’s prepare something for this long-awaited opportunity, But will someone who can really beat the boss appear, I wonder… Today there not a single one managed to beat the boss in the play testing session in the sales department…

The only thing that’s certain is that it’s not easy.”

On my honor, friends, I will fail spectacularly and not beat it because I am bad. I’m sure some of the super fans down to wait in line for hours are capable enough to best it, though. Any winner should suggest Kitao offer Gravity Rush 2news as a prize.

Sony Producer Challenges Fans To Beat Bloodborne’s Demo at TGS; No One Managed in Internal Test Meeting [Dual Shockers]