Sony Japan spotlight Ape Escape 20th anniversary video and twitter account


Monkey Business

Sony Japan appears to be feeling nostalgic about its goofy action series Ape Escape, now approaching its 20th anniversary. Not only has the publisher opened a new Twitter account, but they have also released a neat retrospective video, looking back at the series and its siren-blaring simians.

Ape Escape first launched on the PS1 back in 1999. The first release to require use of the DualShock controller, it tasked players with guide a kid, Spike, through a series of worlds on a mission to round up a posse of out-of-control monkeys. The cheeky chimps have been scattered throughout time by an intelligent ape named Specter, who aims to rewrite human history. Critically acclaimed by fans and press, Ape Escape would spawn a sequel in 2001 and a second sequel in 2005. The characters have also appeared in numerous spin-offs and even cameo’d in titles such as Ratchet & Clank and Everybody’s Golf 4.

The new Twitter account launched with a simple image of a monkey hiding in the forest, along with the quote “It’s been 20 years. I’ve always been running away, but is there no one left to chase me anymore…?” which is actually kind of sad. The account has since added numerous pieces of artwork celebrating the anniversary.

Ape Escape fans have been clamouring for a new mainline sequel for years, and while this video and Twitter account are no guarantee that Sony plans to revisit the franchise anytime soon, hopefully such a fuss will be created with engagement that it might set the devs to thinking about dusting off the old butterfly net once more.