Sony, late to the party, confirms $300 Black Friday PS4


After everyone else already did

Black Friday secrets are more poorly kept with each passing year. For example, this year we knew about the $300 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake CollectionPS4 bundle since the beginning of the month. When every retailer comes out and posts the same deal, it’s easy to confirm that the price-slashing comes courtesy of Sony, not from an individual store.

But, Sony felt the need to make it official. This morning, the platform-holder announced the $300 UnchartedPS4 bundle. The deal runs from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. You can pick it up most anywhere that sells PlayStation 4s.

Even though it’s late to the party, we should make Sony feel as welcome as possible. “Hey, Sony! No no, you’re not late at all! Yeah, these people have been here a while, but you showed up right on time. Oh, you brought Cool Ranch Doritos? Uhhh, just go ahead and set them on the table.”

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