Sony sold more PS4s than Xbox One and 360 combined last quarter


That’s 25 million PS4s sold since launch

Sony sold 3 million PlayStation 4 consoles between April and June 2015, with more than 25 million PS4 sales since the console launched in November 2012.

According to the latest Sony financial report, that’s up from 2.7m in the same period last year, and 47% more than double the number of Xbox consoles (yeah, that’s 360 and One consoles combined) in the same timespan.

Sony attributes the “significant” increase in sales within the Game & Network Services – a 12 percent year-on-year hike – to PlayStation 4 sales and Japan-friendly currency exchange rates, amassing $2.365bn in that April-June period.

The company now expects to shift 500,000 more units than originally projected.

What was missing from the financial report? The PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita… which is sad, butnot that surprising.