Sony's VR headset Morpheus is complete, just needs games


I’m still waiting on PS Camera titles

Sony’s sleek virtual reality headset Morpheus is complete hardware wise, but it is “just waiting for the game titles to catch up with the hardware,” according to Dennis Castleman, hardware R&D engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment. Dennis says the reasoning behind being hardware complete now is that it “takes time for the component vendors toramp upfor million unit volumes,” which makes sense, as Morpheus is slated to launch in the first quarter of 2016.

Personally I’m cautious when it comes toadditional hardware from Sony after having bought all the variations of the Eye / EyeToy and Move that’ve been released and then subsequently being disappointedthat with their lackluster support. Sony has always been a great hardware company, but they’ve done a poor job supporting their add-ons.

Remember The Eye of Judgement? Yeah, neither does anyone else.

Like all of these hot new add-ons, it is up to the first party to lead the way for first party support, and recently it has been failure after failure; Microsoft’s Kinect, Wii U’s gamepad, Sony’s Move. I have little faith in the Morpheus, but I hope for everyone’s sake Sony finds a way to get the support and games it needs to make it work.

Sony: Project Morpheus is ‘ready to go’ but ‘waiting’ for experiences [VR Focus]