Soon, Agent 47 will be able to access his equipment offline



While Hitman season one may be a really solid entry in the series, the always online requirement has been terrible. Regardless of whether or not you own the content, you cannot access your equipment or make any level progression if you aren’t currently connected to the internet. It makes for a situation where your internet may go out and you’re left with wasted hard drive space. It also makes no sense in a realistic manner, seeing as how Agent 47 should be on top of where his gadgets are.

In the next update to the game, that always online requirement will be lifted. Now, 47 can actually level up and retain his gear without being plugged into the world wide web. This comes in the form of an “offline profile” which gets synced after the update goes live. One final connection and you can finally take your adventure off the grid.

Along with this much-needed feature, the update will also be fixing performance stability and adding a bunch of extra descriptions on the various in-game menus. I suppose having checkmarks for completed objectives sounds obvious, but was left out for whatever reason. All of these changes are to prepare for the January 31, 2017 release date for the disc-based version. I guess it makes sense to have the game actually work offline from a disc.

You can check out all of the updates over on the Steam community page. The list is fairly extensive, even if most of the changes are minimal.

Release Notes for the November Update [Steam Community]