Speedy arcade shooter Damsel headed to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch


Causing further distress

Aussie outfit Screwtape Studios has announced that their frantic platform shooter Damsel is headed to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch soon, following on from its 2018 PC release.

If this title is new to you, then allow me to bring you up to speed. Set in an alternate future where humans and vampires live in a questionable alliance, Damsel is the story of a mysterious capitalist corporation, who are taking the world by storm with the production of a drink called “Red Mist”. This popular drink hit the market, quite conveniently, at the same time as hundreds of missing persons cases started hitting the inbox.

Out of options, The DSA (Department of Sanguinarian Affairs) unleash their best agent, Damsel, who must blast her way through a series of single area stages, blasting suits, saving abductees, hacking computers and disarming bombs. Damsel is a skill-progression title, the kind popular with the speed-running community, wherein the goal is to simply to become quicker and more efficient in your takedown of each level, finding the most effective route to completing all objectives and hitting the exit. Staying alive would be a nifty bonus too.

The Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports of this wild arcade title will feature three episodes of boom-schlack-lack-boom action, comprised of around 75 levels. If you fancy checking it out, then you can pre-order Damsel now over at Xbox Store and Nintendo eShop for a 15% discount.

Damsel is available now on PC and hits Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on August 7.