Spellbreak celebrates five million players since launch


Slightly Magic

Prolitetariat, Inc, has been celebrating the release of its mystical battle royale title Spellbreak, announcing that the game has managed to pull an impressive five million players out of the hat since its September 3 launch.

For those yet to look into the free-to-play title, Spellbreak is an almighty class-based brawl which sees players face off against one another in a mythical fantasy universe known as the Hollow Lands. Players choose from a number of “Battlemages” before engaging in elemental-based combat, aiming to be the last sorcerer standing.

Classes available include fiery Pyromancers, shocking Conduits, and the poisonous presence of Toxicologists. Gathering gauntlets from the battlefield affords your mage new and more powerful abilities, while hidden chests contain runes which such abilities as flight, teleportation, and even invisibility, given players an edge over the competition.

Spellbreak is available to download now on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Can you believe it?! Check out #Spellbreak‘s stats since launch:

🎮 5 MILLION PLAYERS📺 4 million hours watched on TwitchðŸ—£ï¸ 4 million messages in the Discord server💥 25 billion spell damage done

All those numbers are YOU. Thanks for making launch so incredible, Breakers! pic.twitter.com/PxnpnGlXrH

— Spellbreak (@PlaySpellbreak) September 23, 2020