Spelunky 2 is getting an update to tone down the traps and enemies in Dwelling


Spawn rates are being adjusted, ‘particularly in 1-1 and 1-2’

Spelunky 2 players who expected to be able to waltz right through the first area were in for a rude awakening on day one, but how is Dwelling now that we’ve all had time to adjust and plan accordingly?

I’ve probably put 80 hours into the sequel. Despite my best efforts, I still get tripped up by Horned Lizards, Arrow Traps, Cave Moles, or some unholy combination of the three. The latter, in particular, are wily little buggers. They know how to weave through the dirt and strike at inopportune moments.

I’d go so far as to say that Dwelling deals more damage to me, on the whole, than just about any other “main path” area in Spelunky 2. The zone isn’t filler, and I have a real love-hate relationship with it.

In a post on Steam today, designer Derek Yu said that he has heard players’ feedback for Dwelling and the team is looking into implementing changes in a patch that’s coming “soon” to PC and PS4.

Posted an update on Steam to thank everyone for a great launch and also talk about the work we’re doing (or are planning on doing) after release! Online, Dwelling, localization… a lot of this pertains to PS4, too, of course! #Spelunky2https://t.co/cnQ9lov0mT

— Derek Yu (@mossmouth) October 13, 2020

Specifically, he said they’re testing “changes to the spawn rates of enemies and traps, particularly in 1-1 and 1-2,” and “tweaks to 1-4” that “should make it more interesting.” In the meantime, Yu suggested a tip to help make Dwelling less frustrating: don’t feel obligated to kill every foe – sometimes it’s better to avoid them – and “let them kill each other or trigger traps for you.” We’re tryin’, Derek!

Yu and BlitWorks are also investigating another common complaint, one I definitely share: “having to wait for the [dynamically flowing] lava during a certain sequence in Volcana.” This is a trickier issue to address, and it might not be tweaked. “Ultimately, Spelunky is a game that is designed to have some sharp edges in it, and there’s always the risk of removing fun along with the frustration,” he said.

As for the ongoing lack of online co-op in the PC version of Spelunky 2, there’s still no “firm” ETA.

Thanks for a Great Launch! (Update) [Steam]