Spelunky and Downwell creators team up for 50-game collection UFO 50


Like Action 52, but good

I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for Aquaria and Spelunky designer Derek Yu to come out with a new game, and I’m sure many of you can say the same. In recent weeks, he’s been tweeting out images of untitled 8-bit games with the hashtag #UFO50. What’s that all about? This is what that’s all about:

Yu is collaborating with Eirik Suhrke (Skorpulac), Jon Perry (Time Barons), Paul Hubans (Pixel Pusher), and Ojiro Fumoto (Downwell) for UFO 50, a collection of 50 games that “are slightly smaller than commercial 8-bit titles from the ’80s.” Based on the trailer, some look decidedly more fleshed-out than others, but the developers say they’re “full games and not microgames or minigames.”

“The story of UFO 50 is that the games were all created in the ’80s by a fictional company that was obscure but ahead of its time,” according to the group. “They’re all connected by a unique 32-color palette and other restrictions we decided on to make them feel more authentic.”

The other thing that has my heart singing? Every game has a single-player mode and “roughly a third of the games will feature either cooperative or competitive multiplayer modes as well.”

UFO 50 is headed to “PC and other platforms(?) in 2018.”