Splatoon 2 hits Switch this July with a salmon-blasting horde mode


Let’s get fashionable

If you’re already sold on Splatoon 2, the date to remember is July 21, 2017.

Nintendo shared that release date and also a first look at a new mode, Salmon Run, during today’s Direct presentation. This is a four-player mode in which players fend off waves of gnarly salmon creatures while collecting and depositing their precious eggs. On paper, it seems a bit “been there, done that,” but in execution, I’m hoping the horde mode concept has that special Splatoon edge.

And yes, there will of course be new amiibo on the same day.

These three amiibo (and the existing ones produced for the original Splatoon) can store your weapons, outfits, gear, and settings for easy access when, say, you’re playing Splatoon 2 at a friend’s place. They’ll also sometimes hand out “special gear” for your Inkling.