Splatoon 2 infinite ticket glitch found


I think I just splat my pants…

[Update: As of ver. 1.1.2, the ticket glitch no longer works.]

Those precious meal tickets are hard to come by in Splatoon 2. Currently, they’re only available through Salmon Run and the single-player modes. However, an easy exploit has been found (via GameFAQs), so you’ll never have to worry about fighting on an empty stomach again!

[Disclaimer: Nintendo isn’t known for handing out severe punishments for abusing exploits (Animal Crossing will scold you for save scumming though…), but, if you decide to give this method a shot, you are doing so at your own risk.]

You’ll have to unlock Sector 2 in the single-player, and it makes it easier if you’ve unlocked level 6 for fast travel too.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Press X to bring up your map.

2. Fast Travel to Octo Canyon.

3. Once you arrive, bring up your map again and fast travel to level 6 in Sector 2.

4. Shoot through the three boxes in front of you and jump down to the building behind them.

5. You’ll see a box on a small ledge just to the right.

6. Inside of the box is a grayed-out ticket (If you’ve already collected it…). When you pick it up, it says “+1” Power Egg on the top right, but it also gives you a ticket as well.

7. Bring up your map and fast travel to Inkopolis Square. (Press the “+” button.)

8. Rinse and repeat.

If you go to the food truck, Crusty Sean will show you how many tickets you’ve collected next to the corresponding food item. (In this case, the Crusty Seanwich.)

It’s only a matter of time until Nintendo patches this out of the game, but I got over 50 tickets for the Crusty Seanwich (which grants a 1.5x XP boost) in about 20-30 minutes using this method. Each ticket lasts for 20 rounds, and you can only use one at a time. The maximum number of tickets you can hold is 99, but you can refill them whenever you redeem one.

It doesn’t affect your game stats or rank within each online match, but it does help boost your overall XP. It won’t make you any better at the game either. However, it does speed up the process of unlocking weapons, accessories, and other modes. I’m an impatient man, and this doesn’t seem to give players any kind of unfair advantage in actual combat. If you’re anything like me, you just want to play the damn game without all of the arbitrary walls getting between you and the experience.