Splatoon 2 to get Splatfest stages in private matches for version 5.0


The Splatfest will never die

When the original Splatoon ended its weekly Splatfests, there was no way to experience those festivities again until the eventual launch of the sequel. With Splatoon 2, Nintendo is taking a different approach. Since the world has been plunged into chaos with Pearl’s glorious victory this past weekend, it looks like she demanded that the people have a way to replay those intense firefights. While they won’t be accessible to the general public with thousands of people queueing up, Splatoon 2’s version 5.0 update will allow players the opportunity to create private matches on the Splatfest levels.

In another cool move, players will even able to select the colors for the Splatfest maps. If you’re sick of seeing the default Pink and Green, why not go for Orange and Blue? Additionally, all players will be receiving a special Splatfest T-shirt for battle that will unlock the “Ability Doubler” attribute. Since the special shirts available during each Splatfest were limited-time deals, this one will be a permanent addition to your wardrobe.

The version 5.0 update for Splatoon 2 will be landing sometime within the next week. This will likely be the final update before any announcement of Splatoon 3, which Nintendo is being awfully quiet about.

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