Splatoon 2's battle of Sci-Fi vs Fantasy comes to an end


Marina’s comeback continues…

The paint has dried once again on another hard-fought Splatfest. Players across the USA fought it out this weekend on Nintendo’s team-based shooter Splatoon 2, determined to decree which was the better genre: Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

In the end, Marina took a 2-1 victory with Team Fantasy, as witches, warlocks and woodland nymphs proved victorious in both the public vote and solo play, with a singular point, accrued from Team Play, supporting Pearl’s choice, Sci-Fi.

The public vote went 57% in Fantasy’s favour, which is actually far less divisive than I expected the vote to be. This win will make Marina fans very happy, as she has been pretty successful in recent weeks. Looks like everyone’s favourite octopus DJ is definitely back in the game.

I’m not sure I agree with this outcome, but at least y’all were right about toilet paper.

#TeamFantasy wins the NA Splatfest! Congratulations and thanks for playing! pic.twitter.com/im31Cu4at2

— Splatoon 2 (@SplatoonSwitch) November 19, 2017