Splatoon 2's Squid Sisters prologue keeps getting juicier


We’re on Chapter 4

We’re on chapter four of the Squid Sisters related prologue for Splatoon 2, and it’s getting even more interesting.

To sum up the story so far, we’re roughly nine months away from the conclusion of the last Splatfest (read: the last real life public event from the first game). Callie and Marie have started recording solo material instead of group work, which has helped elevate the extroverted nature of the former, as well as her confused contempt over losing that final Splatfest. Although they’re roommates they find more ways to spend time apart from each other, culminating in Callie discovering Marie on a jaunt with Crusty Sean (the former shoe shop manager, as we learn in this episode), and not stopping to say “hello.”

Chapter four sees the two attempting to hammer out their (unspoken) issues at the mall, while musing over the love lives of some of the other Inkopolis inhabitants. It’s a pretty great way to get keyed up for Splatoon 2if you haven’t dug in already, and given that this is a series of short stories it’s really easy to catch up.

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