Splatoon is getting more DLC, and playing cards!


This is the game that never ends

The average time period for support for a typical shooter these days (outliers like Team Fortress 2withstanding) is roughly a year.Splatoon, a game that even some Nintendo employees were unsure about before launch, has since become a mega-hit and has been out for almost a year now — and it’s also still getting updates.

As of this week we know that there will be a CoroCoro magazine collaboration, which involves special branded Splat Roller, subweapons, and outfits. In other Splatoon related news, Nintendo has announced officially licensed playing cards, which feature the Squid Sisters as Jokers. Pretty fresh, I must say.

With all the positive reception to Splatoonyou would assume Nintendo would announce a sequel at some point this year, possibly around when the NX is unveiled? They really need to get off the right foot with that system.

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