Splatoon's content updates will end soon, but it won't be abandoned


New Splatfests, balance updates in 2016

While I was sad to hear Splatoon is about to make its final big DLC push, I have to look back on the post-launch support fondly. It has been a hell of a year for this increasingly wonderful game.

In a Famitsu interview picked up by Nintendo Everything, Splatoon producer Hisashi Nogami and co-directors Tsubasa Sakaguchi and Yusuke Amano elaborated on what’s in store for 2016. Substantial updates that add things like new weapons, gear, or stages will come to an end in January, as you may have heard, but the developers will continue to work on balancing for the foreseeable future. The 24-hour Splatfest events will carry on as well, thank goodness.

The team says that as it stands, it’s difficult for players to remember which weapons are best suited for each individual stage — there’s already so many. Adding more would exacerbate the situation, hence the DLC drop-off in January. Beyond that reasoning, I have to imagine these people are being tapped for other projects. Splatoon is in a good place, and the NX is surely calling.

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