Splatoon's first major update is coming August 5


Matchmaking and more

Earlier this year, Nintendo promised a big update forSplatoon in August, and we now have official confirmation that it will arrive on August 5. It’ll bring Squad Battle and Private Battle matchmaking modes — the former of which allows you to play ranked as a team of two to four players. Private battles are just that, and will allow you to select a map, mode, and weapons.

The level cap will also be increased, as players can reach level 50 now (from 20), as well as ranks S and S+ (from A+). Two new weapon types are coming, including “bucket-like” Slosher weapons, and Gatling guns. Finally, “more than 40 pieces of gear” are coming to the shops.

More free content is planned for the rest of the summer and fall, including the upcoming Rainmaker ranked mode. Sounds good to me!