Splatoon's Splatfest hasn't gone to the dogs, new stages leaked


Nipples forever

Splatoon‘s third U.S. Splatfest took placeyesterday. It was a lot like the other two Splatfests, except for the inclusion of the two new weapons that were rolled out in the August 6th update, though I didn’t see them used as much as I thought I might.

It looks like a lot of people stuck with the tools they knew best for this competition, though that didn’t stop me from getting splatted by a few buckets and Gatling guns here and there. If this Splatfest was a test of how well balanced the game’s weapons roster is, then I think it passed.

The way Splatfest victories are decided may not be as well balanced. Though wins are now worth 4 times as much as votes, that still wasn’t enough for poor team Hot Dogs to win the overall competition. Hot Dogs won 52% of the battles and Marshmallow’s took 64% of the votes, allowing them take the win with a final tally of 256 (Marshmallows) to 244 (Hot Dogs). If you’re a Hot Dog lover, sorry if these results have left you feeling salty.

Maybe this news of two new stages found locked in the game’s code will cheer you up. While we only have their file names to go on at the moment, we know that “Jyoheki” appears to take place in an apartment complex, while “Kaisou” seems to be a bridge under construction. Both look expansive and conducive to inducing character interaction. You can see brief glimpses at both stages in the Japanese commercial above. Let’s hope they open up soon.