This SpongeBob Doom mod takes you on a romp through Bikini Bottom


It’s time for Squidward’s revenge

Mods are some of the most fun ways for fans to put a new spin on their favorite games, and Doom has one of the most robust modding communities out there. Fans just put out one of my absolute favorites that I’ve ever seen, though, because user Contrast Saturation just released a SpongeBob-themed mod on a Doom fan site, and it looks insanely fun.

In the mod, known as The Bikini Bottom Massacre, you can play as Squidward, who was just fired from his job at the Krusty Krab and is hell-bent on revenge. “After years of torment from his buffoon neighbors SpongeBob and Patrick, Squidward decides to take his life into his own hands,” the website reads.

The mod has thirteen different maps set at different locales that we know and love around Bikini Bottom, like Barg’n-Mart, Jellyfish Fields, and Glove World.

Everything has been reskinned to look like it’s straight out of the cartoon, and of course Squidward shoots bubbles rather than bullets. The sprites are super detailed, and the mod’s creator divulged in the comments that they would actually trace images straight out of the show, and then create rotated versions, damaged versions, and so on. It was painstaking work, but the final result makes it all worth it, I think.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the yellow sponge inspire a video game — in fact, there have been dozens of officially licensed SpongeBob titles since the early 2000s. The most notable of these is the beloved 2003 platformer Battle for Bikini Bottom, which was remade in 2020. The SpongeBob brand has been going strong ever since it was introduced all the way back in 1999, as the show is currently in its thirteenth season, and there are four more movies in the pipeline.