Spry Fox showing off bullet hell MMO at PAX Prime


Steambirds Alliance

Spry Fox (Triple Town, Alphabear) will be at PAX Prime, and in addition to the undoubtedly cute bear posters it’s giving out for free, it will also be showing its newest title, Steambirds Alliance.

In a newsletter, Spry Fox describes Steambirds Alliance as a “massively cooperative bullet hell shooter.” It expands theSteambirds universe, another Spry Fox series focused on aerial combat via turn-based strategy. Gameplay-wise, Alliance is compared to Realm of the Mad God.

Not much else has been revealed about Steambirds Alliance. We have the promotional art above, a name, and a brief description. No platforms have been specified, but given Spry Fox’s modus operandi, we can probably expect a free-to-play game on PC and/or mobile.