Spy on your fellow citizen in Orwell for free thanks to Humble


It’s all for the greater good

Can you feel it? The watchful eye of Big Brother sees all. It knows where you hid all of your minion memes, and saw you watching that Fortnite streamer when you thought no one would see you. It knows everything, and now you can too for the perfect price of free.

Like Papers, Please before it, Orwell puts you in the seat of a low-level worker for an overbearing government. Except instead of choosing who is allowed into your country, this time you are listening in on your fellow citizens’ private conversations and correspondences for the greater good of national security.

From now until Saturday, August 18 at 1:00 PM EDT, you can pick up the point-and-click adventure game Orwell for free over at the Humble storefront. While I haven’t played Orwell yet, it’s been sitting on my Steam list of games to play next for a while as this type of setting both mystifies and terrifies me.