Square Enix details how the cosmetic system works in Marvel's Avengers, right before it launches



Ah Square Enix and Marvel: teaming up for a live service game based on some of your favorite characters. What could go wrong? We’ll find out when Marvel’s Avengershits later this week.

Although the previous beta periods of the game gave us a taste of what’s to come in terms of the additional cosmetic purchase layer, a new blog by Square Enix this past week gives us some further insight, right as the game is prepped for launch later tonight.Here’s the good news: characters will be free for the foreseeable future. But if you want to dress them up, it’ll cost ya.

Cosmetics in Avengersconsist of outfits (Square Enix says they are aesthetic in nature only, and do not provide gameplay benefits), emotes, takedowns and nameplates. Vendors (just like Destiny, they even look like Destinycharacters) will provide access to said cosmetics, as well as the marketplace from the beta. The final credit-to-real-money ratio is 500 credits to $5, so it’s a simple conversion.

You can use those credits to buy cosmetics outright or opt in for the Battle Passes, which are dubbed “hero challenge cards.” These will run 40 tiers (with free and premium rewards), and you can progress through the cards by completing daily and weekly challenges. Thankfully “all six starting heroes” will get a premium card for free, but you’ll need to pay 1000 credits each ($10) for future heroes. Just like many passes, you can earn back your 1,000 credit cost (plus bonuses) if you complete it, or buy “skips” if you’re impatient (bleh).

This is a convoluted mess for a comic book game about punching giant robots, but hey, if that’s the tradeoff for getting more characters for free, it can work…in theory.

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