Square Enix is hosting a Dissidia Final Fantasy stream with new reveals and an esports tournament


Dissidia lives thanks to Japan

There was a time where Square Enix was pushing Dissidia Final Fantasy NT hard. That was pre-launch, with all sorts of worldwide tournaments and teases. But when the game actually came out the response wasn’t overwhelmingly positive in the west, and eventually moved to a free-to-play scheme.

Yet, Square Enix never really gave up on it. They delivered on their promise years ago (back when it was just an arcade game) to give us droves of new characters, and have since provided tons of new stages, content drops and outfits for a mixture of free and paid updates.

The next big thing for Dissidia is this very weekend, on December 21 at 8:30PM ET (10:30AM JST on December 22). It’ll run for 10 hours straight (!) and will feature a new reveal at the very start, followed by an esports tournament at 10:30PM ET (Official National Tournament 2019 Finals), and more reveals at the tail-end of the stream at 4:30AM ET the next day.

It’s a lot! And while Dissidia NT has always been a bit messy, I’m glad it’s still around.

Dissidia [Square Enix]

Via Upcomer Esports