Square Enix just lifted the soft FFXIV Endwalker spoiler ban, so watch out


It’s been a month, which is an eternity in internet time

If, for whatever reason, you’re interested in FFXIV Endwalker‘s story beats, but haven’t played it yet (whether it’s on your list, you’re making your way to Endwalker through previous expansions, or you couldn’t buy it): watch out. Square Enix just lifted the soft “Endwalker spoiler ban” they put in place since launch.

As a bit of background, Square Enix straight-up asked the community at large to not spoil Endwalker. While this isn’t a hard ban, as people can technically post whatever they want on non-Square Enix platforms, a lot of people were adhering to it. Perhaps most importantly, Square Enix itself was honoring their own policy, careful to tip-toe around spoilers in all of their official materials. At this point the magic spell in some circles has been lifted, so consider yourself warned!

That goes double for Twitter, as Square Enix openly asked people for feedback/chatter on Endwalker in that very same Twitter decree. At this point people are likely trying their best to implement their own soft Endwalker spoiler ban, but it would be wise to try and play it as soon as you can if you’re really invested in the campaign aspect. Endwalker has some legitimately good surprises up its sleeve, that for some, are best experienced going in blind.

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