Square Enix launches official Music YouTube full of soundtracks and mix playlists


Lo-Final Fantasy beats to chill to

Square Enix has launched an official music channel on YouTube. Dubbed the Square Enix Music Channel, the page has tunes available from a ton of its franchises, spanning back years and years, as well as special playlists and remix packs.

According to a short introduction video, the channel will be home to more than just game tunes. There will also be interviews, behind-the-scenes, live performance VODs, and special mixes. More content is expected to arrive in the future, too.

It’s nice to have some classics like the Final Fantasy and Mana series soundtracks available on YouTube, straight from the source. The more interesting stuff to dive into has been the remix work, like this two-hour lo-fi mix of classic RPG tunes. It’s been playing in the background all morning while I work, and it’s been a good time.

I’m especially intrigued by the live music offerings, too. The live performances of music from games like Final Fantasy XIV have always been pretty impressive, and having official VODs of those would be rad.

We’ll see what Square Enix does with this channel as time goes on. Square also launched a 35th anniversary page for Final Fantasy, celebrating the 35 years since the original game’s launch in 1987. The site says Square Enix will be bringing “many exciting new ways to enjoy the worlds of Final Fantasy” this year.

Right now, only Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is on the docket. Final Fantasy XVI hasn’t been dated at the time of this writing, and Final Fantasy XIV is working on its post-launch patches for Endwalker. The Pixel Remaster series also just wrapped, with the launch of Final Fantasy VI.

Whatever’s in store for Final Fantasy and Square Enix, I’ll just be over here listening to my lo-fi chill beats.