Square Enix made a 13 minute Final Fantasy VII Remake commercial that's basically a mini soap opera


Did I just watch an episode of Terrace House

“Little to no gameplay” game trailers are a sticky wicket.

I understand the argument against them. Hell, Square Enix made sure to use their trademark move of turning off likes/dislikes and comments for the video in question here. But on the other hand, we’ve seen tonsof gameplay from the Final Fantasy VII Remakeat this point, so if creatives want to get creative, where’s the harm?

That’s the gist of the new Final Fantasy VII Remaketrailer below. It’s 13 minutes long (which is considered a lengthier “special edit,” longer than the seven minute clip that aired on Japanese TV and broke the record for the longest commercial in Japanese history), so you may want to buckle in for it.

It takes us through a spiritual journey of nostalgia, as multiple characters remember the first time they laid eyes on Final Fantasy VII: whether it was a family member playing it, or if they had a chance to forge memories of their own. I half expected aShondaland character to pop up at any moment and take us down a dark clandestine path toward a government conspiracy.

Even without an understanding of Japanese (though there is a poor auto-translation feature on YouTube if you want) it’s worth watching, if only for the human element. At the end of the day though all it does is remind us that we have to wait until March to actually play (part one) of the remake.