Square Enix muses on the idea of bringing back Dragon Quest IX, possibly on Switch


Um, yes

Dragon Quest IX was immensely popular, and one of the most successful Dragon Quest games in the history of the series. Not just in Japan, mind, but I knew scores of US players who were always looking to link up and rock multiplayer, DS-to-DS. It was a social game before StreetPass and mobile titles really took off. Everyone needed a full copy of the game to play, a concept that helped it smash sales records.

It was also a pretty good game, and that’s why we’re talking about it a decade later. Square Enix is talking about it too, as they just hosted a special Dragon Quest IX10th anniversary livestream, which touched on the idea of bringing the game back to modern systems. Although the mobile platform is an obvious choice, given that a ton of Dragon Questgames are on it already, Switch was also heavily discussed, with, according to Siliconera, roughly “80-90% of its playerbase” asking for it on Switch.

In typical Square Enix fashion you’ll need to beg for it, as co-directorJin Fujisawa has requested that fans keep noting interest: as they have been for nearly 10 years. Level-5 CEO and Square Enix buddy (seriously, he shows up at a ton of their livestreams!)Akihiro Hino says that it could take “about a year” to make from his end if it was a straight port.

As Siliconera points out, the team notes that nothing is confirmed today, they’re just talking about the idea. But Square Enix is Square Enix, and they have a nice collection of “smash glass if profits are down” modules, and Dragon Quest IXon Switch would make a pretty penny if they ever needed it.

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