Square Enix revealing new western-developed game today


Which of their western teams will it be though?

Don’t we all just love a little bit of mystery with our game reveals? Well, according to the official Square Enix Twitter account there’s a new western developed Square Enix game being revealed today and it’s going to involve its own share of intrigue and mystique.

Fans have been told to to join Square Enix on Twitch for a three day long interactive event from one of their western studios. Which of their western studios? We have no idea. The only clue we have been given is that the game carries the working title “Project CKP.”

We know that Square Enix has a new Hitman and Deus Ex in development by western studios but for all we know this could be a new property from a different team. If we want to know, I guess the only option is to play along with whatever this interactive experience turns out to be.