Square Enix swooped on PlayStation's usual E3 spot


Monday, June 10 at 6pm Pacific

Square Enix is stepping into some big shoes at E3 2019. In the absence of Sony and PlayStation at E3, Square Enix has foregone its usual Monday morning spot and is instead shifting to Monday evening. You know, the time when PlayStation usually holds its E3 press conference.

On Monday, June 10 at 6pm Pacific, Square Enix is hosting a “special broadcast” that’s titled “Square Enix Live.” It’s unclear if this is another example of the publisher going the safe and steady route of hosting a pre-recorded showcase. That’s probably the case, and it’s always a good bet. There’s no need to worry about the production values and stage presence that platform-holders like Microsoft have to think about. Just stream a long video — ostensibly just a bunch of trailers mashed together — and it’ll do the trick.

Square Enix isn’t discouraged by the fact that it cleared out its catalog of upcoming games in the past calendar year. Seriously, Square Enix released so many games. Since E3 2018, it launched: Dragon Quest XI, Kingdom Hearts III, Life is Strange 2(kind of), Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, and The Quiet Man(lol). That’s nearly everything that was showcased during last year’s E3.

So, what’s on the docket this year? It better be the Final Fantasy VIIremake and the ever-mysterious Avengersgame. People will riot if we don’t get to see these games soon. Also, Platinum’s Babylon’s Fallis an obvious candidate to get some air time. Otherwise, it’s just a giant mystery. Last year’s showcase was only a half-hour long, so, assuming this one is similar, it’s not like Square Enix has that much space to fill — even if it’s sort of trying to fill Sony’s shoes.

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