Square Enix unveils new 'Super Savage' tier for Final Fantasy XIV, will require completion of current tier


Ultimate difficulty

Square has experimented with implementing higher raid tiers in the past for Final Fantasy XIV. The Savage Coil of Bahamut was a rework of sorts of the second tier of the first raid in the game, providing a greater challenge for teams who had already cleared the highest level of raid content. It was a cool idea, but it was promptly dropped for the third and final wing of the Bahamut raid, and was never revisited, even once, in the Heavensward expansion.

It’s a concept that Square Enix has been saying they want to get back to, and as of Stormblood, they’re addingThe Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate), formerly known as ‘Super Savage.” Although we need more details it seems that it’s a fight that features Coil bosses Twintania, Nael, and Bahamut, and will require completion of Stormblood’s savage content (currently V1S-V4S) to enter. There’s no weekly limit, and players will obtain a token to exchange for a weapon that will be the same loot level as the Neo raid (i345). My raid team cleared Neo the other week (and I’m one Glaze away from full i340 as of Tuesday), so I’m ready.

4.1 will also feature more main story scenario quests, new sidequests (including a Hildibrand extension and Kojin Beast Tribe errands), a new dungeon (The Drowned City of Skalla), Shinryu EX, another PVP map (Rival Wings, a 24-on-24 affair with mechs), Shirogane plots (and a housing relocation service), residential swimming, a 24-person raid, an enhanced Lost Canals of Uznair instance, cross-server friends list access, a system that allows Bards to play notes on a hotbar, and a duty roulette for raids. Some of this may come later on in iterations of 4.1, but regardless,Final Fantasy XIV knows how to do patches right!

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