Square Enix wants to bring Dragon Quest X west


Wanting isn’t enough

Square Enix producers Yuu Miyake and Noriyoshi Fujimoto told Siliconera they would “love to” publish Dragon Quest X overseas. That doesn’t mean it’s terribly likely, though.

“In terms of this being an MMO, again, we have to consider the operation and logistics of how to make that feasible,” Miyake added. “We also have to think about it from a business standpoint.

“We’d have to build a new data center for pretty much every location, and we need to make sure that makes sense as a business,” he continued. “We want to be able to operate in the different regions. Again, we would love to do it, but we’re still trying to work out the details and figure out what would work best [were we to bring it abroad].”

Don’t hold your breath!

Square Enix would ‘love to’ bring Dragon Quest X to the West [Siliconera]