Square Enix's Switch game, Project Octopath Traveler, gets a Facebook page


New screens

It’s easy to forget a few of the projects announced during the Nintendo Switch livestream recently, because there was a lot. All of them might not be coming at launch, or possibly even 2017, but they exist!

And while some third parties didn’t have the biggest showing (Ubisoft announced three ports after the presentation), a few did, like Square Enix when they unveiled Project Octopath Travelerto the world (as well as a I am Setsunaport). And producer Tomoya Asano, who contributed to Bravely Defaultand his team have just dropped a new Facebook page to celebrate.

Currently it just has an intro from Asano and some screenshots, with no specific details (including a date), mind, but it’s something. Asano mentions a “long road ahead” though, so strap in.

Project Octopath Traveler [Facebook]