Star Citizen developer CIG threatens to sue outlet over recent allegations


This whole situation is out of control

Strap yourselves in, it’s time for anotherStar Citizen story.

Depending on who you talk to,Star Citizen is somewhere in-between the most ambitious game of all time, or a complete train wreck (the answer is likely somewhere in the middle at this point). Amidst allegations from all over the spectrum as to how developerCloud Imperium Games (CIG) is handling development, a report popped up on The Escapist recently, with a few new claims.

Their story alleges that resources were squandered from crowd funds (again, allegedly, they claim that only $8 million of the $90 million is left), and notes that current and former employees are not happy with the development process. A follow-up piece was published here that explains how they came to these conclusions, but CIG is claiming that their story doesn’t have merit, and disputes specific claims (such as the fact that employees don’t have ID cards, as alleged in the story).

CIG is demanding that The Escapist apologize to the company personally, publish the apology, and launch an internal investigation. The outlet has until the end of today to respond, lest legal action is taken in both the UK and the US. Yowza! This whole development saga just got a whole lot messier.

As of last week Escapist was going to go tour “various” CIG studios to talk to employees and possibly work things out, but one can only assume that’s off the table now.

Chairman’s Response to The Escapist [RSI via Game Informer]