Star Citizen's executive producer might have quit the project


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Star Citizen’s really not having a good time as of late, especially if recent rumours are to be believed. First, the FPS module Star Marine was put on hold/delayed, and now it looks like the executive producer has left the project.

Cloud Imperium Games’ executive producer (maybe with an emphasis on the ‘ex’) Alex Mayberry’s LinkedIn page lists him working at the studio only up to June 2015. You have to manually add in an ending date on LinkedIn, which means it’s less likely this is an error.

In response to this, PC Invasion claims that CIG have responded, saying:

Needless speculation into personnel matters at CIG are neither constructive, or fair to the people being talked about.

However, as they have not linked to where this statement is, and we are unable to find it elsewhere, the validity of this can’t be confirmed.

It’s normal for developers to come and go, but an executive producer leaving with the release of the game so far away might not be the best sign for the future of the game.

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