Star Ocean: First Departure R is heading to PS4 and Switch


A remake of a remake

STAR OCEAN First Departure R, the very first entry in the #StarOcean series – setting course for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Keep communication channels open for further updates.

— STAR OCEAN (@StarOcean) May 25, 2019

Square Enix is developing a remake of the original Star Ocean for PS4 and Switch. Titled Star Ocean: First Departure R, not much is known about this particular reimagining other than the fact that it’s coming to modern platforms. The original Star Ocean released for SNES in 1996 and First Departure came out on PSP in 2007. This is, presumably, yet another remake of that original title. Have we reached remake inception?

Seeing as how First Departure was followed up by a remake of the second Star Ocean titled Second Evolution, it only makes sense that Square Enix will succeed this remake-remake with another remake-remake. While I’d rather see new entries in a long-running series over constant retreading, it’s not like the last Star Ocean game was all that well received. Maybe going back to the original will help refresh the team at tri-Ace so they can figure out what made this series so special to begin with.

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