Star Trek Online celebrates new Trek show with free Enterprise stuff


It’s been a long road

Rejoice, Trekfans. On the off chance you haven’t heard yet, CBS is planning a new Star Trek TV series, which will premiere as part of the CBS All-Access streaming service in the far-flung future timeline of 2017, right on time to get folks hyped for the franchise to celebrate its 50th birthday next year.

And to celebrate the occasion, the current custodian of the prime universe, Star Trek Online, iscommemorating the lastStar Trek series, 2005’s Star Trek: Enterprise. Fans who had faith of the heart can pick up a free Enterprisebundle pack, containing a playable replica of the NX-01 Enterprisestarship, as well as crew uniforms and clothing items from the show. The giveaway lasts until 10:30 AM PST on Wednesday,November 4th, so there’s not a lot of time to get it.

Star Trek TV Show Giveaway [Arc Games]