Star Trek Online kicks off a new age of Discovery this week


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Hankering for some more Star Trek: Discovery in your life? Don’t answer that, because Star Trek Onlineis banking that you are, ahead of the release of the show’s second season next year. Indeed, the game’s next big content expansion, which drops tomorrow, is set entirely in Star Trek: Discovery‘s pre-Original Series timeframe.

Titled Age of Discovery, the expansion will open a new early-game experience for players that feel like starting a new character or two (or feel like engaging in some “historical simulation”), set just after The Battle of the Binary Stars, the incident that opened Star Trek: Discovery‘s first season. Players will interact with Discoverycast members like Starfleet Cadet Sylvia Tilley (voiced byMary Wiseman herself), and find out what Starfleet and the Federation was doing in the early stages of the Federation-Klingon war. They’ll explore named vessels from the show like the U.S.S. Discovery‘s sister ship, the Glenn, and add a Malachowski-class cruiser to their ship roster. Ships like the Discoveryherself (known as the Crossfield-class), the Shenzhou(Walker-class) and the Klingon Sarcophagus ship were added to the game earlier this year, but the expansion will also add more items themed after the newest Trekshow, including ships, gear, and cosmetic customizations.

Veteran players can also expect new things to do, such as new team-based “Task Force” content, as well as a few tweaks designed to make it easier to matchmake for content. The game also adds a sixth tier to its Reputation systems, allowing players to grind for even more rewards and options for their loadouts and gear.

The expansion is already pre-loading for some, and is set to go live on October 9th. Check out a quick trailer for it below.