Star Trek Online to add Dyson Spheres, dinosaurs


Set phasers to OH CRAP DINOSAURS

I must confess: Star Trek: Voyagerwas my “gateway” Star Trek. So no matter how bad you tell me it was – or how bad I realize it was, the adventures of Captain Janeway and the crew of the Federation starship Voyagerwill always have a special place in my heart. That’s why the “Season 8” content update for Star Trek Onlinehas me hyped, as it involves a fun Voyagercallback.

According to the STO blog, for Season 8 developer Cryptic are planning to get players involved with the Voth, an obscure Delta Quadrant race from Voyager‘s 3rd-season episode “Distant Origins”. While the episode itself was little more than an allegory for religiously-motivated “debates” over evolution and creationism, the “lore” takeaway was that the Voth were descended from Earth’s dinosaurs, which, naturally, will lead them to HARNESS THE POWERin-game via T-Rex’s with “Antiproton Beams and Transphasic Chroniton Mortars” on their heads. Lovely.

Players less enamored with Voyageror ancient sauroids might be placated by the setting of Season 8, which takes place on the inside of a Dyson Sphere, a massive sci-fi structure enclosing an entire star. The sphere will serve as Star Trek Online‘s first “Space Adventure Zone”, and the hub for most of Season 8’s content.


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