Star Wars Battlefront EA Access trial good for 10 hours of play


$5/month for 5 days in advance

If you’re dropping the five bones per month (get you, Mr. Moneybags; some of us need that $5 for carrots to make soup) on EA Access (Xbox One only), you’ll get to play 10 total hours of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.

Access is good for all portions of the game (single-player and multi-player) and the clock ticks whenever you have the game open, including in menus. Perhaps even more tantalizing, as folks seem to really care about how soon they get to play new games, this access starts November 12, a cool five days ahead of the November 17 release.

So, following up on our PlayStation Now discussion…this one, this thing, any of y’all subscribe to this business?

Oh, and don’t forget to drop $50 on the Star Wars Battlefront season pass, lol.