Star Wars Battlefront II's Rise of Skywalker update detailed


Watch the trailer if nothing else

Star Wars Battlefront II is trying its best to win over fans while excitement for The Rise of Skywalker is sky-high. Starting this week, the game’s redemption tour will include new content a jungle planet, crimson Sith Troopers, First Order Jet Troopers, the Ovissian Gunner, and the Caphex Spy adapted from the movie. EA DICE even created a cool little cinematic to show off the December 17 update.

Curse you, Star Wars, and your way with music.

Along with those new characters, which will be playable as reinforcements, Star Wars Battlefront II is also adding alternate appearances for Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren based on The Rise of Skywalker.

A few other highlights from the patch notes:

  • Added a system on Co-Op and Capital Supremacy that allows squadmates to signal in UI which capture point they are intending to go to.

  • Added faction and era selection to Co-op, including the option for matchmaking into any game.

  • The player Health Bar has been updated to showcase when a player’s health is being blocked from healing or health regeneration.

  • Polished the timings of the Damage Reduction Messaging animations when evading.

  • Weapon crosshairs are now dimmed when the player cannot fire (such as when deploying a weapon).

  • Numerous hero and reinforcement character ability changes, as well as fixes for bugs related to Capital Supremacy, Galactic Assault, Co-op, Arcade, Kamino, and Yavin 4.

The first update launches on December 17, but the as-yet-unnamed planet won’t join the game until Dec. 20. According to the official Star Wars site, BB-8 is rolling into Battlefront II in January 2020.

The game has had a significant turnaround since its troubled launch in 2017, and while I’ve long since moved on, I’m glad that fans – at least some fans – are happy with where it’s at and where it’s heading.

I should’ve bought my tickets for The Rise of Skywalker a long time ago.