Star Wars Battlefront teases 'Hutt Contracts'


Seemingly not tied to the season pass

Midway through this new “Free Game Updates” trailer for Star Wars Battlefront, there is a snippet of Jabba the Hutt holding a weapon hologram and the text “Coming Soon: Hutt Contracts.”

From the way it’s presented here, it seems like this will be a way to unlock some new gear (bounties?), which could either be neat or fall completely flat depending on how much energy DICE is investing for folks without a season pass. I’ll be keeping my expectations in check until we hear more.

Aside from the tease, this video also serves as a quick recap of the game’s recent free content, some of which went live just this week: a fiery multiplayer map called Survivors of Endor and a wave-based survival mission named Rebel Depot. The former is worth logging in for (it’s playable in the bigger modes like Supremacy and Walker Assault), but you can probably pass on the latter.

If they keep this up, Battlefront might be able to work its way back into my multiplayer rotation.

Hutt Contracts [Battlefront forums via Eurogamer]