Star Wars: Battlefront won't have any VOIP on PC


On consoles, you’ll need party chat

Did you just have a fun time enjoying the Star Wars: Battlefront beta with your friends? Yelling about AT-ATs whilesmushing Darth Vader into a fine paste, maybe? Well if you want to do that in the final release, you’re going to have to use external services, as Battlefront will not have voice chat in-game.

@RaiderGaming15 You can choose your favorite third party software to communicate with friends on PC

— EAStarWars (@EAStarWars) October 13, 2015

In a tweet sent out by the official Battlefront twitter it was confirmed that if you want to use voice chat on PC, you’ll have to use something like Skype or Teamspeak. If you’re on console, the built-in party system will be used instead.

A few years ago this would’ve felt like a big thing to me. But now with how easy it is to set up a Skype room or Teamspeak channel, I feel like it’s not that big of a deal. I’d rather not have strangers screaming at me or spamming Sandstorm by Darude when fighting on Hoth.

Will this decision affect you at all? Is there still a great need for VOIP that I don’t know about?