Star Wars Battlefront's Bespin DLC drops June 21


Get yourself a cloud car

I don’t know when I’m going to find time for Star Wars Battlefront in a post-Overwatch world, but this month’s Bespin expansion has at least one good thing going for it: Lando Calrissian. His villainous counterpart is going to be the bounty hunter Dengar which, again, seems like an odd pick.

DICE has shared a few more specifics about the content of the digital expansion releasing June 21 for season pass holders. “Dengar is a villain that thrives on being in a fight. He wields the DLT-19, which makes him the first Hero with a heavy blaster so far. Lando is very skilled with a blaster too, but his greatest talent comes from knowing the odds and using tricks against his enemies.”

The new weapons are the X-8 Night Sniper and the EE-4 blaster, and pilotable cloud cars are confirmed; it’s about time we got some more variety for the aerial skirmishes.

With E3 happening next week, we’ll presumably hear more about the new mode, maps, and Star Cards soon.

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