Star Wars Battlefront's Walker Assault mode was 'too tough'


I sure died a lot

EA will address “balancing” issues with that Walker Assault mission in Star Wars Battlefront.

Responding to a fan who asked if they “sucked,” community manager Matthew Everett confirmed unsuccessful Rebel attacks were more likely to be as a result of a “balancing issue within the beta,” rather than players just being… well, a bit shit.

@Focalin Nope! Its a balancing issue within the Beta.

— Sledgehammer70 (@sledgehammer70) October 13, 2015

Not everyone agrees. Some feel a rebel failure is more in keeping with the canon of thestory, but lead multiplayer designer Dennis Brännvallalso stated that he thought themodewas “too tough,” and that DICE will “make changes based on the feedback and data.”

@yeye97BF4 yeah it’s too tough. We’ll make changes based on the feedback and data

— Dennis Brännvall (@DICE_FireWall) October 9, 2015

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