Star Wars: Hunters shows off arena warfare in first gameplay trailer


All your favorite characters, like Slingshot and Utooni

Publisher Zynga and developer LucasFilm Games have dropped the first full gameplay trailer for its upcoming arena fighter Star Wars: Hunters. The free-to-play multiplayer actioner will launch in 2022 on mobile and Nintendo Switch.

The preview introduces us to eight uniquely skilled combatants, gathered from across the galaxy to engage in bombastic battles for the entertainment of the masses. Everyone seems sought of familiar, but also not. We get to see skilled battle-bot J-3DI, wookie warrior Grozz, rebellious Jedi master Rieve, and bounty hunter Zaina. The best character has to be Utooni, however, who is literally just two Jawas stood atop of one another in a big cloak, that’s an inspired idea. Each character will bring their own weapons, abilities, and skill-set to the fight — so there’s sure to be someone for you.

Along with the wild roster, we are also shown a selection of arenas, including a stage set on the chilly plains of Hoth, as well as a battlezone located deep within the Ewok village. Players will fight it out in a selection of modes, including team-based warfare, typical deathmatches, domination, and more. Crossplay will also be enabled across both mobile and Nintendo Switch, which should help keep the community playing together, regardless of the popularity of any one platform.

Star Wars: Hunters will launch on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in 2022. A soft launch is expected in the near future.