Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order arrives on Stadia Pro, ahead of current-gen upgrade


Still slated for PS5 and Series X/S soonish

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is kind of a weird game! I mean, I didn’t expect Electronic Arts to release a full single-player Star Wars experience that wasn’t nickel and dimed into oblivion, but here we are.

Fallen Order managed to carve out a nice little fanbase since 2019, and it’s been deemed worthy enough of a current-gen upgrade later this year. For free, no less! Its legacy continues. This week, in fact! If you’re on the fence about Fallen Order, you can climb it for free starting this week and take your ball and go home.

It’s part of Stadia’s “Pro” subscription now, which allows players to claim games for free to their account. Note that “free with a subscription” is always a qualifier, but if you give the Stadia Pro trial a shot, you can finish it over the course of a few days. Think of it like a rental!

Other Stadia Pro games currently on offer include Trine 4, Resident Evil 7(Gold Edition), Hitman Season 1, Floor Kids, and Ys VIII. It’s a good spread, and a hell of a collection of games to spend a weekend on if you trial up.

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