StarCraft II picks back up with Nova Covert Ops on March 29


First of three standalone mission packs

Blizzard is cooking up more StarCraft II story content with its Nova Covert Ops single-player mission packs. The first pack of three will release on March 29, 2016, the company announced today.

“The reign of Emperor Valerian Mengsk is under threat. Along with facing political opposition, several Dominion ghosts have gone missing in action while under his rule. Their trail leads to a secretive Terran group, the Defenders of Man. As Nova Terra, a psionic ghost trained to be the perfect covert operative, you must delve into the conspiracy before it’s too late for the Terran Dominion.”

Each Nova Covert Ops pack comes with three missions, for a total of nine, and they should all be out by December. If you buy everything bundled, it’s $14.99, otherwise you’re paying $7.49 per pack.

I know long-time StarCraft fans were let down by the story campaign, but as someone who isn’t invested in the lore and mostly just wanted cool mission designs, I had a good time with that side of Legacy of the Void.